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S.F. Round 2

S.F. is one of the best places I have been to in California, the weather is either just right or a bit too cold; having to put on a sweatshirt beats the hell out trying to skate in AZ. We have been skating street everyday and the sun doesn’t set untill 9. Cameron, Preston, and Harl were with us for a bit, but they are back in AZ. Ted and Drew are up here now and I hear him in the other room claiming he is “so freaking down to skate”.

Harl, sorry Lay didn’t wake up until 3 everyday

Tony’s fav s.f. pissa joint by Jefferson school.

Heavily topped out.

Forget to post this pic of David Gra-vette, Heard Brimley might have to get tats soon.

Lay had an art show

He goes to SFAI

More like Finger Paint University
lay 3

Evan and Gerald have been taken us to some dope spots, Evans super hyped on Rasa

Third and Windy
third and windy

Alabama Wallride

Evan goes Frontside
frontside wallride

Harl went Worest on the fountain, we also so Carlos Young and Robin Baker there, can you say fan out!

Beach Spots

Busenitz upledge with the worse ground

A gap in oakland, yeah it was a Lay Day
lay spot

Lay got down on the Hubba

Our enterntainment for the evening


L.A. to S.F. AUTO Exposed

Over the past few weeks I have been on the road with Preston and Tony. We headed up to Long Beach to stay with the infamous Peter Ghallagher. Afterwards we spent one night and Don’s house and then headed to S.F to stay with Lay. The weather out here is amazing and as of right now Cameron, Drew, and Harl have joined the entourage.

Long Beach’s finest

This cat belongs in the jungle, Ghallagher claims it eats more than he does.

the set 1
The set of Ice Cube’s new movie which was being filmed 100 feet away from Jewels and Ghals place.

The movie takes place in Boston

Downtown L.A……

wack car
Is Wack

Don took us around

cool spot
He showed us some cool spots, oh yeah forgot to mention 95% of the footage we are getting is for Auto.

S.F. has some good hills, good spots, JAH MON.

HELLA groceries
Hella Groceries

Mandatory peepshow fieldtrip

good selection
Good selection

lucky lady
Went to the Lucky Lady, I paid 1 dollar to see a girl with more armpit hair then me, but still think it was a good investment

this guy
This guy was hyped

You know what goes down at this house

Pretty burnt as of now

Check Gerald’s website for more updates



I’m leaving to S.F. in a few days with Preston and Tony and things as of right now are hectic as fuck. Yesterday night there was a wedge comp and Matt’s 21st Birthday. What better way to spend it then announcing/watching friends at the wedge? Things were looking pretty good for me until I missed my first trick twice and gave Price and the Judges the DX Suck it before me second run. The Wedge contest is always fun and I really enjoyed watching the Homoki brothers skate in it. Preston ended up taking first and Cameron didn’t even place….Can you say meltdown. He hit the bottle hard after we left the wedge, and when I woke up this morning he was still drinking.

Zoo is out in select theaters, not in Arizona….. maybe I can catch it in Cali or get Ed to premiere it at Cowtown.

I have recently been informed of Jeffre Stars existence and don’t know what to think of Mr. Star other his music is……

We have the Industrial trilogy thanks to Tyrone Banks, Ghallagher is probably the finest thing to ever come out of Scottsdale
industrial trilogy

Chavo likes Lindsey Jones

Nizz finally got some Brmley shades

Steve and Nizz stole my camera. I was fucking pissed when I saw the pictures and had to throw a few air punches to relieve some stress.

Nizz has a mutant ass similar to Jaws’s

Tony likes to switch it up alot. With an empty water jug, he gave his room a bathroom.
tony's pee

He also opted out for a mo hawk.

Haven’t seen this guy for a while, I think Hershker, Dave Rosenbaum, Ty Bush, and Jeff Lounsberry are getting a place in Tuscon. Wildcats 4 life.

Facebook is horrible.

Chris Dimon And Peter Vlad?

I only have a Flickr to Impress hipster girls.

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