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interviews from years ago

I got bored when I broke my foot or elbow a while back and interviewed Tyler Harl and Bucky Miller online..

The highly anticipated interview…..

AIM IM with fidelfan2. (Harl)

12:46 PM

hey you bastard


you better not get footy while im gone

get footy where? and where are you going?

i broke my foot


that sucks a lot

so now you can catch up with me in footy

do you want to do a interview for the blog

umm yeah sure haha, is it a bad break?

I think I’ll be out for a month

o thats not to bad

alright so what’s your name age and city of birth

o we are doing the interveiw now huh



tyler harl 20 pheonix

any pets?

yeah 2 dogs and a cat

12:50 PM

the cat is pretty mucha dog


well sometimes when i go play fetch with my dogs he tries to catch or he willing be in a pouncing position and then try and knock it out of my dogs mouths

sum up the skateboard industry in 3 words

ummmmm…..suck it!!!!

what’s your set up right now?

haha well a brimley elmo 7.75, thunder trucks=the best, bones wheels and bones bearings

now I know you and me both where beanies a lot, even in the summer, what do you tell people if they scrutinize you for this?

well i pretty much tell them that i am balding and need to wear cause i am embarassed of it

rowley or arto?

umm thats tough one how about mike carroll

1:00 PM

any shout outs

ummm ia gonna give a shout to all my az street dawgs and the brinmley squadron umm my catdog and andrew connon for hopefully getting on that discvery channel show

is that good

if brimley had a few guest skater boards who would you want to see on them?

umm maybe andrew cannon and tim ward and my catdog

you claim skate nerd pretty hard in your pink panthers part. How has the Tyler Harl from then and Now Changed? What can we expect from your shared part in Potpourri?

i dont know that i ahve changed that much at all maybe just got taller and got a little skinnier, and for the shared part in potpourri all you need to know is sloppy tre flips

baby dick or donkey dick?

haha bd for life son

k dats good

ok sweet dawg





AIM IM with thehealthyfunk.

12:38 PM



are you at pastry?


parents house


12:40 PM

what are you getting into today

you lucky skater boi


i want to grip a board i think

oh man I remember when I used to skate

I was so bad at gripping dem things


hows skating like these days

want to do an spontaneous interview for the blog

skatings good

im down i guess

so how many pets do you have?

two dogs, but theres a family of rabbits that lives under my mini ramp, so if you count those, around twenty

are your dogs friends with the rabbits

i think they want to eat them. they sit at the back door and just stare off at them, but as soon as they take like three steps foreward the rabbits dart under the ramp. there’s no way the dogs will ever catch them, really, they’re too damn fast.

12:50 PM

we should start a pet myspace

like or something, or just set up myspace accounts for our pets?

new server, just totally raw, pets. No banners, no scams, just our pets on myspace

lets do it, but i bet someone already thought of it

I just checked


fuck, I had this idea right when myspace came out

i’d be afraid of stepping into some creepy pet sex rings or something

animal cybering is out of control in the u.s.

but anyways could you sum up the skateboard industry in 3 words

radical stuff, tacos

best burrito joint in az?

12:55 PM

a lot of people would say i was being a heretic by not saying carolina’s, but i’m gonna have to go with original burrito & co. in ahwatukee primarily because it’s the only burrito spot i can think of that i’ve never left feeling like shit

alright listen

the carolina’s downtown is the legit one, get it double wrapped, bean and cheese your done, but I respect your choice

burnquist or way?

i’m backing bob, grand canyon or no

1:00 PM

at least he does his kooky shit in my home state, doesn’t fly to china

shout outs?

hi to all the blog visitors, stay awesome dudes and chudes

if brimley had a few guest skater boards who would you want to see on them?

1:05 PM

jaws, maybe one of johnrob’s alter egos? billy blue ranger. you know how plan b did a slayer board or whatever? well i think brimley should do one for the ventures. or lazlo bane.

speaking of the ventures got any favorite apache songs

or versions should I say

none in particular, but i like the ones that are mostly guitar the best. apache is actually the only song i know how to play on a guitar

1:10 PM

k dats good

are we done?





Still working on a write up, its taking a while to get film developed then scan it then write it then not sleep.

Facebook is horrible.

Chris Dimon And Peter Vlad?

I only have a Flickr to Impress hipster girls.